Common Questions


How can psychotherapy help me?

People can experience many benefits from participating in psychotherapy on a regular basis.  It can provide the opportunity to learn new problem-solving skills, enhance your coping strategies, and provide support related to struggles that are common for individuals, couples, and families to experience.  Such struggles could include: depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, stress management, life transitions, addiction, and healing from traumatic incidents.  I can provide you an alternative perspective that can help you navigate and overcome struggles that have been a part of your life for years.  People who attend therapy with me have reported experiencing one or more of the following:

·         A better understanding of the self, one’s core values and beliefs that drive their personal and professional lives

·         Improved relationship satisfaction due to applying the interpersonal skills learned in therapy and groups

·         Increased awareness about damaging relationship patterns

·         Improved self-confidence and self-love

·         Improved family functioning in coordinating family activities

·         Experiencing more comfort, trust, and intimacy in their romantic relationships

·         Sustained short-term and long-term recovery from problem gambling and addiction

·         Managing grief, depression, and anxiety in a way that provided a greater sense of ease and liberation

I can handle my problems on my own, so do I really need psychotherapy?

Everyone has struggles in their lives, and while you may be managing those struggles on your own, the extra support provided by psychotherapy can help you put them behind you.  I too, have needed additional support on my journey.  When you are motivated and committed to changing your life, therapy is a great resource to make those changes long-lasting, and to make future challenges easier to overcome.



Why do people go to psychotherapy?

Everyone has different motivations for attending psychotherapy.  While we often think of working through a specific event or professional assistance in managing issues, such as anxiety, depression, addiction, or self-esteem, many times, people will reach out for extra-support when they find they are dissatisfied with their career, relationships , or are having trouble attaining a goal they've set for themselves.  When people are committed to making a change in their lives, and are willing to actively work towards that change, psychotherapy provides professional support for realizing improvement.